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When the message comes first

          Why smARTvisual"?

        As cameras evolved and spread, along with or integrated in other electronic devices, especially smartphones, it has become extremely easy to record persons, places and moments of interest, in order to create your own photo library and/or share them with others. Automation of image capture and editing applications allow us to get good quality photographs and facilitate sharing in the electronic environment. 
Therefore, smart seemed to me a natural choice to define both the equipment and its user ;-)
       Art represents the next level of visual expression. It requires a different kind of knowledge than required for an accurate adjustment of the equipment.
    I have always aimed not only at respecting the basic rules of a good picture but I also insisted on the communicative value that a photo has, regardless the equipment I used - film or digital, smartphone or professional cameras.​
        Portraits, landscapes, street or portfolio photos all of them have to transmit a message or a feeling.
They say a picture worth a thousand words. Lets speak  visually!
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